We are an elite leadership consulting group who work with the most influential leaders in the world;

Building long term strategic partnerships to help you, your team and organisation win.

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Talk is cheap...

it takes time to win your trust and the right to partner with you. Given the opportunity we’ll demonstrate the power of GiANT’s tools and tendency lenses and technology, in the hands of a skilled consultant. 

Next Steps?

the best place to start is with an initial engagement to give you the opportunity to experience GiANT and decide for yourselves whether we are the right long term partner for you and your organisation.

Recommended initial engagements include:

A series of interactive keynotes,

team workshops

or a facilitated team retreat.

What might an enterprise partnership with GiANT London look like? 

Image by Jamie Street


Internal Champions

  1. GiANT will train and support your internal champions to use the GiANT OS platform, deliver workshops, lead cohorts through GiANT training programs, and embody the leadership culture you want others to imitate.


Benchmarking and

Targeted Investment

  1. The GiANT OS enables you to benchmark the performance of every team in your organisation and invest in the leaders who need it most. GiANT OS allows you to track the long term health of every team and measure ROI. 


Specialist Coaching

and Consulting

  1. At a certain level of seniority your Internal Champions cannot play the role of trusted advisor, consultant or performance coach. 

  2. GiANT offers a range of bespoke coaching / consulting solutions for individuals and senior teams that can be bought in 3 or 6 month packages.

  3. Find out how we can make your Executive Team Invincible, download the product menu below.