• Co Founder of GiANT

  • Steve lives in Gerrards Cross, 10 miles West of London. He’s been married to Helen for 30 years and they have 3 gorgeous girls - Izzy, Megan, Charlotte.

  • He has a long standing addiction to Test Match Cricket and Harewood Downs Golf Course is his spiritual home.

  • He loves walking, watching movies and eating long dinners with good friends.

  • Steve is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker, best selling author and consultant to top- level executives and their teams around the world.

  • He’s led GiANT Life Intensives for Politicians, Corporate CEO’s, Headmasters, Health Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Senior Pastors and Hedge Fund Managers.

  • Managing Partner at GiANT London, Becky is a specialist at unlocking the potential of people and teams.

  • Working with corporate clients across the world including the UK, North America, South America and South Africa she has a diverse experience of working with teams of all different shapes and sizes to take their performance to the next level.

  • Her current clients include: Endava, Kadence, Department for International Development & the Ministry of Justice. 

  • In addition to this client work, Becky trains elite level leaders to accelerate their influence through understanding the 'Jedi' mind tricks of personality.

  • She holds a Masters degree in 'International Disaster Management' from the University of Manchester and is trained as a GiANT Consultant. At her core Becky is an adventurer, loves to travel and has recently run her first marathon in Amsterdam.


Becky Barsellotti

Meet our global team

  • Jaz is a Partner at GiANT London and sought after keynote speaker of world class calibre.

  • Specialising in human first leadership, ambitious resilience, instigating change and inclusion, Jaz has being making international impact for over twenty five years as a consultant to governments, organisations and leaders

  • Jaz is married to Ed, has three children and a part time dog. They live in Milton Keynes and have a family motto - ‘Team Ampaw-Farr - Adding value, bringing joy!’

  • Jaz began her career in education and her TEDx Talk amplifies the difference we can make in the lives if others once we choose to be just 10% braver.


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  • Stu is a Partner at GiANT London, with over 25 years of leadership experience.

  • Stu's is passionate about helping people understand themselves better, and enabling them to build healthy culture and high performing teams.

  • A diversity champion and multicultural ally, Stu has coached and developed leaders and teams from many different backgrounds, cultures and professions, enabling multi-cultural teams to thrive in the UK and some of the world's most challenging places.

  • Stu is a gifted communicator with a deep care for people and a desire to bring liberation through every encounter.

  • Stu's clients include banks and financial institutions, engineering and technology companies, universities, the British government, various charities, societies and media companies.

  • Based in London, Stu loves spending time with his family, hiking in wild places and enjoying a great movie!




  • Dan is a Partner with GiANT London and has a passion for guiding leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers to unlock their potential as well as that of their teams.

  • He uses virtual, in-person and immersive experiences to bring challenge and transformation as well as to identify and overcome obstacles to high performance.

  • Dan has experience of delivering transformation through, leading outdoor adventure leadership intensives, coaching in FSTE 100 companies & with professional athletes. 

  • His consulting specialism is improving organisational health and growth management in the Technology & Engineering sector.

  • Dan's current clients include: RED Engineering Design, Goldman Sachs, Gorilla Green Apps, HMRC, The British Army, RED ICT and Fashion Retail Academy. 

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  • Jon Sakarias works as a consultant in Veni, and is driven by his desire to help leaders discover their true potential

  • He holds a certificate in advanced mentorship from Stanford University and has over 10 years of experience developing innovative technology within the construction industry.

  • Jon Sakarias's diverse background includes helping large private and public organization develop and implement leadership training programs, facilitating strategic workshop with executive teams, leading projects, mentoring and coaching.

  • He lives in Stavanger, Norway together with his wife and their three children. Exploring Norways breathtaking nature is a family passion."

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  • Graham is a Partner at GiANT London with more than 20 years of leadership experience.

  • He is a coach, leadership development consultant and strategic adviser to senior executives, entrepreneurs, influential leaders and their teams. His passion is to help leaders to understand who they really are at their best, unlock their potential and fulfil both their purpose and preferred future.

  • Drawing on extensive experience gained through leading highly successful organisations in both the corporate and non-profit sectors he is ideally positioned to help leaders thrive personally in all areas of their lives. This in turn enables them to build healthy cultures that result in high performing teams that produce exceptional results.

  • Graham is a gifted communicator, workshop facilitator and keynote speaker whose rare mix of genuine warmth, insight, humour and encouragement inspires audiences to believe for the seemingly impossible and then take positive steps toward towards achieving it.    

  • He is married to Joanna; they have three wonderful daughters and live just outside of London. Graham loves spending time with family and friends in the sunny great outdoors and especially enjoys good food, mountains and campfires! 



  • Ruthie Kim is a partner at GiANT London with over 20 years of leadership experience.

  • Having grown up in the UK, Ruthie traded in the English countryside for the inner city of San Francisco, where she founded Because Justice Matters, a non-profit organization building pathways to brighter futures for women and girls in urban communities. 

  • Ruthie’s passion for unlocking potential led her to GiANT London, where she now specializes in working with founders, entrepreneurs, and senior leaders across various industries and sectors. Ruthie is committed to helping leaders identify opportunities for courage, take bold steps beyond fear, and dream big about their life, influence and impact.

  • Ruthie lives in San Francisco, California with her husband, their two boys, and a rescue pup named Callie.



  • Rich is a Partner with GiANT London, Founder of Innovatus and the former COO of GiANT.

  • Drawing on his experience working across corporate, non-profit and military sectors, Rich specialises in helping organisations, teams and individuals reach peak performance.  Rich takes a people-first approach in his work of organisation design, strategy formation, digital transformations and executive coaching.

  • Based just outside of London, Rich loves mending and building things in his garage and driving around his favourite toy - a road-legal beach buggy.



  • Ed has over twenty-five years of proven success as a human first leader in sales and marketing.

  • As a seasoned mentor and coach his expertise has impacted all levels of leadership, across multi-million pound organisations.

  • Ed has a passion for helping SME business owners and C-Suite executives win in the businesses they run and the life they lead.

  • His drive is to work with you and your team so you become the leaders others want to follow.

  • Ed is married to Jaz, has three children and a part time dog, gerbil, fish, spider…..



  • Tyler Johnson is a partner in GiANT London with over 25 years of leadership experience.

  • Having come out of an athletic background Tyler has a passion for teams and collaborative leadership. 

  • Tyler’s background consists of founding, establishing, and designing organizations and leadership cultures that have added sustaining value to individuals and communities.

  • His professional life has allowed him to acquire leadership experience in the areas of entrepreneurship, reconciliation, organizational design, and urbanization.

  • Johnson’s leadership life revolves around a commitment to human nature. He advises leaders in professional sports, film, entrepreneurship and publicly traded companies. He also extends this vision serving on the boards of multiple non-profits.

  • Tyler lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife and four children.

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  • Will lives in Murphy, TX, 25 miles North and East of Dallas, TX. He and Ali have been married for 23 years and have 3 wonderful daughters - Ana, Alix, and Andi.

  • Naturally curious, Will is especially gifted at utilizing the power of inquiry to help individuals and teams identify and courageously confront key issues holding them back

  • He is a trusted coach and advisor to high-capacity leaders navigating seasons of personal transition

  • Will’s coaching specialization is helping nonprofit organizations implement healthy and effective leadership transitions

Headshots_Rachel Ivers_23 04 2021-60_edi


  • Rachel is a Business Psychologist and Consultant at GiANT London.

  • She brings 16 years experience developing leaders and training individuals. She's influenced behaviours and culture from C-suite to baggage handlers, from Czech Republic factories to Middle East power plants, from consultant-led to champion-led, she brings passion and experience helping others to fulfil their potential. 

  • Clients include: C2C Process Group, Dell Technologies, International Justice Mission, Co-Cubed and previous clients include: British Airways, Balfour Beatty and International Power. ​

  • Rachel is married to Cannon (a Landscape Architect) and lives in Kent with their 2 children. They all love exploring the outdoors, tennis and having friends over. 



  • Lydia is a Consultant at GiANT London bringing over 17 years of experience in secondary education, where she has been a teacher, tutor, coach, professional mentor, and director. She also has two years experience in Governance.

  • Her passion is to help people understand who they are by nature, celebrate their uniqueness and unlock their potential and she has a particular heart for teachers and leaders in the world of education.

  • Her clients come from a range of backgrounds including financial services, clinical research and medicine, the arts, social care and teaching.

  • Married to Ben, with two daughters, Lydia lives in Eastbourne, the Sunshine Coast of England, where she enjoys walking, creative pursuits - from writing to painting - and being with family and friends.


Dolly Waddell

  • Dolly Waddell enables leaders, teams, and individuals to understand themselves and one another to a whole new level. Whether training teams, 1-1 coaching, or her leadership & development programmes, Dolly brings clarity to the fog, the lightning bolt moment that clears the atmospheric pressure. 

  • Dolly works with people who want change, want to go further, want to reach potential and in doing so aren’t afraid of changing the rules. 

  • Her drive comes from observing wasted potential, resources, and capital. Where she sees a team or leader functioning below the line in their performance, she has a creative methodology to get them above the line. She finds the missing talent opportunities and maximises them so that the individual, team, and organisation at large benefit. 

  • With 15 years’ experience, a graduate in language and linguistics and highly knowledgeable in personality behaviours & team strategy, she unlocks and activates a high-performance culture where people belong, connect, communicate effectively, and grow enabling your organisation to be happy and profitable.

  • Her current clients include, Cook Food, Allica Bank, The Leon Group, Boodles, BMW group, MTVH.

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Steven Gibbs

  • Steven is a Consultant with GiANT London and has over 20 years of leadership experience. Steven has been part of starting and growing organisations as well as leading teams on all levels.

  • He is passionate about becoming a force multiplier in the lives of leaders.  Steven believes that growing an impenetrable character is the key to living confidently out of a solid identity that drives leaders into their preferred future.  

  • Focusing on self-leadership, Steven’s approach involves pouring gasoline on the potential of untapped desires so leaders can better use their skills, gifts and talents in business and family.

  • Steven and Debby have been married for 32 years with 4 grown kids, 2 kids in-law, and 2 grandkids. They live in Milton, Georgia and enjoy hiking, golfing, shopping and liberating greatness in others. 



  • Michael is a Consultant with GiANT London and has over 20 years of leadership experience. He is a sought-after speaker, retreat leader, and leadership coach. Michael has consulted with multiple organisations helping them navigate significant change, and works closely with senior leaders on developing strategies to achieve greater clarity and performance in their workplace.


  • He is passionate about guiding leaders toward greater health, so they can better use their skills, gifts and talents in all areas of their life.


  • Michael, his wife and three children live in Denver, Colorado where they enjoy time together hiking, skiing, biking, and camping in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.



  • Courtney Jordan is a Senior Consultant with GiANT who loves working with people and organizations seeking to reach their full potential.

  • After earning an economics degree from University of Virginia, her first job at a strategic management consulting firm taught her the value of a good boss and how devastating a bad manager can be on employee morale and motivation.

  • Self-employment seemed like a better idea than working for a bad manager, so that led her to the real estate industry where she became one of the top selling Realtors in the Northern VA/DC market for many years.

  • Since leaving real estate, Courtney’s passion has been using her deep listening and innate people skills to help managers and organizations of all sizes and industries transform into leaders worth following and companies people want to work for.

  • Courtney’s experience includes training managers at large international companies like Leidos; certifying Air Force staff on 5 Voices; and working with one of the largest school districts in the country, Loudoun County Public Schools, as well as many individuals across the non-profit and real estate sectors.


  • Paula spent over 25 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry leading teams and business. She has an extensive General Management and Business background working globally. Recently she was accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council as a Senior Practitioner and holds a Master In Change from Oxford University and HEC Business School. She is also a Resilience Practitioner.

  • Her passion is to help people lead and live with intention and enable dreams.

  • Paula is Married to Matt. Together they also run their own company post redefining their life path and leaving the corporate world.

  • They have 3 boys and live in sleepy village in Surrey.



  • Dereck is a strategic, values-focused, mission-driven leader and brings 28 years of experience pioneering both individuals, and non and for-profit organisations to successful outcomes.

  • He has developed and managed multiple businesses and successfully directed domestic and international non-profits with exceptional results. 

  • His passion is coaching individuals and teams to reach their full potential; to be motivated, equipped and outstanding leaders. He excels at identifying hidden potential in others and empowers them to uncover their talents, maximising their value so the individual, team and the organisation benefit.

  • Dereck and Debi have been married for 26 years and are parents to two sons and a daughter-in-law. They live in Kansas City, Kansas and enjoy traveling, coffee, and pouring into future young leaders.



  • Russell is a leadership expert and trusted advisor to teams & organisations. He specialises in building high performing leaders, and driving profitability within teams & organisations. 

  • Over 30 years International Business experience in Brands Marketing and Business Development within the Food, Beverage, Hospitality, Agency, Financial and Pharmaceutical sectors. 

  • Russell has held senior management positions in the Corporate, SME and self-owned business arenas – both on the agency and client side.

  • Russell Soden Consulting has operated specifically in the people development space for the last 15 years– designing and delivering bespoke learning interventions –from C-Suite coaching at Board Level to front line team programmes in many different markets.

  • Married for 31 years, with 3 grown up sons Russell still retains his passion for international travel and dining out whenever possible!



  • Eddie’s passion is to encourage others to discover and embrace their full potential. Self-awareness and an understanding of how to remove personal limitations are key to this. The process inevitably leads individuals to an ambitious enthusiasm to become well-equipped, motivated, outstanding leaders in all spheres of life.

  • Eddie spent his early career working in the energy sector for multinational corporations in the UK, South America and Africa.

  • For the last 20 years he has been pursuing entrepreneurial interests, acquiring various SMEs in Scotland and Ireland, primarily in the residential property management sector. 

  • As Executive Chairman of his company and Partner at GiANT Worldwide, he finds himself in the best of both the worlds he is passionate about – business and leadership development.

  • Eddie lives with his wife Katie and their 4 children in Edinburgh, Scotland and enjoys running and mountaineering.



  • Amy is a Senior Partner at GiANT Worldwide. 

  • She has specialist expertise in leadership coaching, team development and company wide training spanning multiple fields. Her current clients include: US Airforce, Google, Georgia Power. 

  • When people ask Amy what she does, she's quick with a chuckle & response 'I'm an adult behaviour modification specialist' - and she truly is!

  • Based in Nashville TN, in her free time Amy loves nothing more than hiking with family, or sipping a cocktail with friends!



  • Al is as associate at Giant London, with over 20 years leadership experience. 

  • Since founding and leading two successful organizations, Al has coached leaders from many different backgrounds, cultures, and professions. 

  • Helping leaders and their teams come alive through organizational design, strategy formation, and executive coaching is Al’s expertise. With combination of empathy and approachable, Al has served clients from Google, Dropbox, FontAwesome, Harvard, Boston College, State Street Global Advisors, and the Boston Bruins. 

  • Based in California, Al loves outdoor exercise, spending time with family, surfing, hiking, and cold water baths in the ocean.


  • Susanna is an associate at GiANT London with a background in the media and creative arts. As well as being a published author, she is an award winning filmmaker, with a passion for stories that reflect the human experience.

  • Within the coaching and consulting space, she especially loves helping leaders discover their vision and super powers and lean into them with creativity and confidence.

  • Clients include those in marketing, fashion, education, and the creative arts. Susanna lives in Berkshire with her husband Stu and her two teens. She enjoys writing, watching films and long walks by the river.



  • James is a Founder, Executive Coach and an Associate with GiANT London and has over a decade of experience in coaching, training and public speaking.

  • His clients include Warner Music Group, Adobe and Cambridge University.

  • James has a passion for teams achieving synergy and high performance and often uses his extensive experience in conflict resolution to achieve these outcomes.

  • As a multi-award winning practitioner working with learners and leaders, James’ clients include Pearson, King’s College London and St Mary’s University. He inspires teams with his unique use of spoken word poetry and storytelling, and equips leaders with tools which shift them from intention to action.

  • James is married to Naomi, and when they’re not chasing after their adventurous toddler, they enjoy working together building business from their home in London.

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  •  Brian is CEO of Pruvio, a Former U.S. Marine and holds a PHD in Organisational Leadership.

  • He resides in Lansing, MI and loves spending time with his wife Bethany and 4 children. When he's not with them or working,  you’ll find him at the movie theatre or in his theatre room watching the Pittsburgh Penguins, Green Bay Packers, University of Michigan, or UFC. 

  • Brian has a diverse Client experience including Fortune 500, the National Nuclear Security Administration, the U.S. Air Force, sales organisations, and many small to mid-size businesses.

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  • Dan is dedicated to the health and transformation of leaders, emerging talent, and teams. He has over 25 years of leading organizations and holds a doctorate in leadership and communication.  

  • Along with having led scores of Life Intensives, he pulls from expertise in leadership coaching, team performance, and cross-organization training to unlock people’s true potential.  His client experience includes healthcare, energy, legal, engineering, and non-profit.   

  • As a corporate director of leadership & communications he is daily immersed in the challenges and triumphs of business leaders.

  • Married to Pam they live in Ohio where Dan enjoys hanging out with his family, refinishing furniture, walking the beach, and indulging in all things football.



  • Dave is an Associate at GiANT London and also an experienced and innovative entrepreneur who has had a successful career in both corporate and start up/growth companies. Dave specialises in creating accelerated growth strategies for businesses and in creating high performance teams. He also has a strong academic background having been an associate tutor on the Open Business School MBA programme for more than 20 years.

  • After successful careers in the chemical and financial services industries Dave was appointed Group Marketing Director of the award-winning house builder Redrow Group plc, a FTSE 250 company. As an Executive Board member he tripled turnover and profit of the business over a five year period. Dave has won several prestigious awards including the International Property Award for Best Property Portal and Building Industry Entrepreneur of the Year at the Building Awards .

  • Married with three grown up children, David is a keen but ageing sportsman having played National Division rugby and regularly competed in triathlons. In 2019 he completed the three peaks; Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon but cycling in between! 



  • Ash Marsh is an Associate at GiANT London and Co -Founder of Marsh Collective.  

  • She is from the center of the universe - Opelika, Alabama.  Ash heads the operations and finacial side of all of their companies which include real estate development and leasing, construction and renovation,  event venues and community, hospitality business consulting, and hospitality design.  She, along with her husband and team, works to foster a generational difference in communities and places across the nation.  

  • Titled as the Curator of Beauty, her passion is to bring beauty and intention to every place she is a part of whether in conversation or an actual working project.

  •  Ash longs to empower other women to show up along the journey.  She is the curator of all things beautiful and longs for a deeper understanding of the humanity, value, intellect and creativity of women.   People, places and spaces.

  • John Marsh is the Co-Founder of Marsh Collective and host of the Redemptification Podcast, serial entrepreneur, consultant, and coach, helping steward over $1b in redemptive real estate in 9 small towns (with populations of 800-180k) around America. John and his team created Irreplaceable Real Estate and pioneered historic downtowns as a new asset class of Real Estate.


  • John and his wife have renovated 280+ buildings within ten blocks of downtown Opelika to help save their city. Today, John’s current focus is investing in communities, companies, and couples alongside his wife, Ashely. Over the last 25 years, John and Ashely have guided over 40 startup businesses in various industries, such as Hospitality, Construction, Real Estate Investing, Advertising, and multiple Restaurants. They help leaders make generational differences  by helping patrons bridge the gap between redeeming vision, sustainability financially, and execution to create what they call “Irreplaceable Real Estate.”